Small Engine Repairs Montgomery County Maryland

We repair small engines on all types of equipment for contractors and home owners.  Most small engine repairs are simple, a minor adjustment on the carburetor, valves, rings, a loose muffler and tire repairs.  Our prices on small engine repairs are $85 an hour, plus a $5.00 fee for shop supplies.  Our prices include testing, diagnostics, dis-assembly and reassembly of components to identify the problem.   If your small engine needs parts or if the price for diagnostics or repairs are over $85.00 one of our mechanics will call you before any further work is done.

The mechanics at Sun Brite Supply Of Maryland are usually have worked on nearly every type of small engine and pump system and we can usually diagnose engine repairs within 24 hours.   We understand that if your equipment isn’t out on the job where it belongs, your losing time and money, so we always do our best to keep your equipment running smoothly